8 Regional Chinese Dishes To Fight The Cold Weather Slideshow

8 Regional Chinese Dishes to Fight the Cold Weather

These eight regional dishes, which come from all over China, range from the fiery (Mapo tofu made with Sichuan pepper) to the boiling (xiao long bao, or dumplings filled with steaming broth). Explore the different regions by way of some of their signature dishes and consider making some at home on a cold winter evening.

Chicken and Mushroom Stew

This dish is known in the Liaoning province, where it comes from, as xiaoji dun mogu. Along with chicken and mushrooms, it's made with potato noodles. The warm outcome is a welcome meal during the winter in northeast China.

Chile-Fried Chicken Cubes

Cuisine from Chongqing is known for spiciness, and this dish, called la zi ji, is no exception. The recipe calls for a spicy combination of chicken breast, peppercorn, chiles, and sesame, which is sure to bring some heat whoever enjoys it.

Hot Pot

When it's cold outside, some favor this Chinese version of fondue for warmth. People cook their own vegetables and meats in a pot filled with steaming broth, and it's compared to fondue because of the social aspect of the meal.

Mapo Tofu

China's Sichuan province is known as a hub for spicy dishes, and its staple dish Mapo tofu is no exception. It's made with ground pork, black beans, green onions, and garlic, and is seasoned with Sichuan and chile peppers. The spices alone will make a traveler forget about the cold.

Sheep Entrails Soup

The Ningxia Hui region of China considers this dish, known locally as yang za sui tang, a staple. Boiled mutton is combined with spicy red chile oil to create a steaming soup that will warm anyone from the inside out this winter.

Shrimp Dumpling Soup

This Hong Kong-style comfort food is made with minced shrimp and egg noodles in wonton broth. It's perfect for a cozy winter night in.

Slow-Boiled Soup

This dish, known locally as lao huo tang, comes from the Guangdong province. It's a Cantonese staple that includes Chinese herbal remedies like goji berries. Plus, it's served hot — a viable option for cold temperatures and cold sicknesses alike.

Soup Dumplings

"Xiao long bao" are also known as soup dumplings due to their fillings of chicken, pork, or ham-based broth. The dumplings, which are prepared in special bamboo steamer baskets, come from China's Jiangnan region.