9 Easy Chicken Breast Recipes

Some nights just don't allow for the gourmet cuisine of your favorite celebrity chef. After a busy day at work, the kids are howling, and you just need dinner on the table in a flash. That is precisely why so many people rely on the easy-to-make chicken breast.

Chicken breasts get a bad rap for being dry and inedible, but that's only the case when you don't have a tried-and-true recipe to get you through those nights when you just want a home-cooked meal and a glass of wine. Try different techniques to spice up your usual routine. This ingredient is easily grilled, stir-fried, baked, and poached to make one easy and delicious dinner.

For some recipes to rely on to make sure dinner lands on the table quickly, look no further than The Daily Meal's nine favorite easy chicken breast recipes.

Baked Chicken Cordon Bleucheese

Chicken cordon bleu is a French-inspired poultry dish that was developed by chefs in the United States in an effort to imitate stuffed meat dishes from Europe. "Cordon bleu," which means "blue ribbon" in French, has chicken, such as Gruyère or Swiss, and prosciutto or ham as the basic ingredients.

Click here for the Baked Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe.

Baked Chicken Topped with Cranberry Saucecranberry

No need to wait until Thanksgiving to use sauce as a topping. Try it on this baked chicken recipe.

Click here for the Baked Chicken Topped with Cranberry Sauce recipe.

Baked Chicken with Spinach, Pears, and Blue Cheesepears

The fall flavor combination of and blue cheese brings a seasonal element to an otherwise simple chicken dish.

Click here for the Baked Chicken with Spinach, Pears, and Blue Cheese recipe.

Baked Panko Crusted Chicken Breastdinner

This easy baked chicken is deliciously light and perfect for any weather.

Click here for the Baked Panko Crusted Chicken recipe.

Easy Feta-Chicken Bakepeppers

Ten minutes are all you need to prep a lively Greek-inspired baked chicken dish with , parsley, and feta cheese.

Click here for the Easy Feta-Chicken Bake recipe.

Grilled Chipotle Orange ChickenClick here for the Grilled Chipotle Orange Chicken recipe.

When the weather is nice and warm, one of the best things to do is take your cooking outdoors. This easy chicken recipe will get dinner on the table in a flash, and the best part is, it's gluten-free.

Pumpkin Stuffed Chicken Breastpumpkin

For the ultimate pumpkin dish, serve this -flavored chicken. It's easy to make, and you can serve it as your main dish.

Click here for the Pumpkin Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe.

Ricotta Pesto Stuffed Chicken BreastsItalian

It is simple, but this recipe jazzes up chicken in a fun way and will earn you many compliments.

Click here for the Ricotta Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breasts recipe.

Spicy Baked Chickenchicken sandwich

Don't let the spices in this dish scare you away — if you have them in your pantry, then this is a quick, satisfying, and easy dish to make for dinner. You can eat the chicken breast as is or serve it with rice, toasted pita bread, or turn it in to a baked (great for if there are leftovers).

Click here for the Spicy Baked Chicken recipe.


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Angela Carlos is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Find her on Twitter and tweet @angelaccarlos.