8 Prime Destinations for the Solo Travelers Slideshow

Where to go when you’re hitting the open road on your own


Adventurers of all kinds can revel in the varied and stunning landscape of Belize without concern of a language barrier. With so much to do and see, solo travelers will find new friends and thrilling adventure in the form of zip-lining, exploring Mayan ruins, swimming in crystal blue waters, and lounging at one of Francis Ford Coppola's luxe resorts. (Photo: Flickr/alexisfisher)

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas, is definitely having its moment in the spotlight — the food, music, and art scenes are at full tilt. Solo travelers would be right at home during a long weekend spent in Austin, where sampling the iconic barbecue at the Salt Lick, grabbing a coffee from Jo's coffee shop at the Hotel San Jose, or stopping in for a drink at La Condesa mean built-in conversation with locals sitting nearby. (Photo Modified: flickr/earl mcgehee)


Australia is known for having friendly countrymen and an adventurous, experimental spirit, which makes it great for the solo traveler. You'll be well received, whether it's for beers at the local pub, taking in a concert at the Sydney Opera House, plugging your nose and trying Vegemite for the first time, or scouring the streets of Melbourne, Australia's food capital, for the best local eats. (Photo Modified: flickr/steve davison)


With no language barrier, save for translating thick accents, and a city full of friendly denizens, Dublin makes for an ideal solo getaway across the pond. Ranked among the world's most peaceful countries, Ireland offers something for every kind of traveler, from charming inns to rugged mountains and from delicious food to pints of Guinness. Irish chef Clodagh McKenna recently divulged some of her Dublin favorites, from Chapter One to La Maison. (Photo: Flickr/SebastianDooris)


It’s easy to assume that an island of spectacular beauty like Fiji would be expensive or lonely for solo travelers, or both. Not so. Fiji has fantastic lodgings that don't break the bank, the locals are warm and welcoming, and there is ample mouthwatering tropical food to sample. Close your eyes and imagine this: island-hopping to try spicy island-style Indian food, fresh grilled seafood, and Fiji-style barbecue with funds to spare. (Photo Modified: flickr/christian haugen)

Portland, Ore.

Like Austin, Portland is on everyone's minds now, with its laid-back cool vibe, lush greenery, and ample opportunities to spend all day outdoors. Its food cart scene rivals that of cities twice its size and the cafés, boutiques, and galleries lining Mississippi Avenue are not the usual brand names you'll find from SoHo to Melrose. Solo travelers are easily entertained in this relaxing mecca of hip design and mouthwatering food. (Photo Modified: flickr/michael silberstein)

Venice, Italy

Getting lost along Venice's canals is one of life's great pleasures, and while it might sound like a romantic interlude, it can be equally (if not more) indulgent if you take that stroll on your own. Stop into family-owned boutiques, lounge over espressos on canal-side terraces, and sink into dimly lit trattorias for long, perfectly prepared dinners. Spend at least one day exploring Murano and Burano, the two islands sitting just out of view of Piazza San Marco where lace and hand-blown glass have been made for generations. (Photo Modified: flickr/gary ashley)


Scandinavians love showing newcomers around to help them fall ever more in love with their fantastic food scene, fascinating culture, and stunning landscape. And that Norway is ranked ninth on the Global Peace Index quells safety concerns. The country boasts 21 national parks, legendary fjords, and the National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design, as well as a cuisine that has been on culinary trends lists for the last two years, for good reason. (Photo: Flickr/Remi Longva)