8 Diet Pitfalls at Airports Slideshow

Airport snacks that derail a healthy diet

Cinnamon Buns

The smell of hot glaze and cinnamon wafting through the airport terminal may seem impossible to resist, but one look at the nutrition board at Cinnabon and you'll be running for your gate. Just one Cinnabon classic costs you more than 800 calories. If you need a sweet fix, grab a frozen yogurt at TCBY. Just don’t try to sneak those crumbled Oreos on top.


Before you reach for a Smoothie King booster, make sure you check the nutrition facts first. The Cranberry Supreme smoothie may have ingredients like soy protein and herbal nutrients, but it'll cost you a whopping 554 calories for their smallest size. For a pick-me-up, stick to all natural items like water, almonds, an iced coffee, or orange juice.



Warm, gooey dough smothered in cinnamon and sugar or a generous helping of salt is a deadly temptation at Auntie Anne's. But hold off on that order a moment — the cinnamon sugar pretzel has 470 calories (and almost 40 percent of your suggested daily saturated fat intake). Skip this sodium-filled snack and grab a banana instead.



Thinking of skipping a large lunch in favor of a healthy whole-wheat bagel? That would be a mistake at Dunkin' Donuts, where the multigrain bagel has the most calories of their bagel selection (their everything bagels aren't far behind). Take an extra minute to scan the terminal for healthier options like sushi or a hearty wrap.

Yogurt-Covered Raisins


You may assume that anything with a fruit base is bound to be healthy. Not so with Sun-Maid's yogurt-covered raisins, which have more than 1,000 calories per bag. Consuming one bag will put you at half of your suggested fat intake for the day. Stick to plain raisins or dried apricots for an equally satisfying snack.


Being a nervous flier is hard, and sometimes downing a cocktail or two en route can take the edge off. But before you order your drink, take a minute to think about what actually goes into your beverage. Long Island ice teas can have more than 700 calories, and all alcohol can really dehydrate you pre-flight. Instead, try relaxing with a cool compress, lots of (non-boozy) liquids, and a good book.

Coffee Cake

For quick layovers, Starbucks has the easiest snacks on the go. But their nutrition facts reveal the damage you're really doing. One little coffee cake can run you 500 calories or more, with 19 grams dedicated to fat alone. Plain coffees (hot or iced) and a bran muffin are your best choices at Starbucks.

Trail Mix

Waiting for a delayed flight can cause even the healthiest eater to start comfort eating. A bag of Planters trail mix might seem like the perfect, health-conscious option, but after three hours of delays and an entire bag of trail mix, you'll have eaten more than 700 calories. Try mini bags of the stuff, grab a granola bar, or mix up small bags of nuts and dried fruit on your own.