7 Eerie True Stories of Lost Cities and Civilizations


7 Eerie True Stories of Lost Cities and Civilizations

These cold case files involve thousands of missing persons — thousands of years ago

Despite the fact that no one alive today has been around for more than 117 years, historians have nevertheless been able to discover extensive information about hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of years of human history through scientific investigations and various historical records. Still, some snippets of our past remain complete mysteries. And we’re not only referring to minor details about specific events or people; whole cities and civilizations have been wiped off the face of the planet with little or no evidence of the cause.

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When events like this happen over a period of a few hundred years or more (which occurred in civilizations like the Maya and the Indus Valley Civilization), it’s easier to hypothesize that a well-thought-out plan was undertaken to relocate these cultures, or that changes in the natural or political environment gradually forced people out. However, in some cases, these cities and civilizations vanished quite quickly, adding even more to the mystery.

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We’re not here today to attempt to explain any of these perplexing happenings, but instead to stand in awe of some of the informational gaps in human history. Think of it as being like watching a magic show: it’s somewhat amusing to try and make sense of everything before us, but sometimes it better to simply stare in wonder at the baffling events that have taken place.