6 Countries Where Babies Eat Better Than You

Babies go ga-ga for these foods. Would you?


Babies are adorable when they eat.

There’s a reason the baby food diet was once a fad adopted by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. The diet didn’t seem work for many, but it undoubtedly provided plenty of nutrients. In fact, when baby food is fresh, as it is in many countries across the globe, it may even help prevent allergies later in life. Here are six countries where babies eat better and more nutritiously than you do.

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In Kenya, babies are given sweet potatoes early on to help combat the vitamin A deficiency in their diet. In Jamaica, infants receive an appetizer of fruit and honey before being served their morning milk. And in Japan, a baby’s first solid food feast is a celebratory event called okuizome (first eating), a ritual in which the parents present their child with an elaborate spread — fish, sticky rice, octopus, and pickled vegetables — and a biting stone to help promote the growth of strong teeth. Ironically, the little one doesn’t eat the food, as the cultural practice is more symbolic; it’s a promise of good health and abundance.

We consulted our previous article, Baby Food Around the World, and chose particularly nutritious and delicious-sounding baby foods from six different countries for this list. Maybe don’t elect to eat exclusively baby food, but hey, who wouldn’t say no to some mango sprinkled with chile powder?


Additional reporting by Nikkitha Bakshani