5 Uniquely Hong Kong Ways to Celebrate Halloween 2015

Hint: none of them include the words “Lan,” “Kwai,” or “Fong.”
Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a lot to offer for Halloween.

Here we are, trembling on the brink of yet another Halloween night. In past years, you and your crew have taken on every massive celebration Hong Kong has to offer. You’ve been through the haunted houses of Ocean Park’s Halloween nights and come out the other side alive. You’ve done the whole last-minute night market costume shopping (and found something pretty awesome for next to nothing – go you!). You’ve even made it through the LKF (also known as the Lan Kwai Fong district) party madness mostly intact.

But maybe you don’t want to do any of those things again this year. Maybe this year, you’re looking for a little variety. Hey, we understand. There’s only so many times you can force yourself into Halloween at Disneyland before you go insane. We’ve carefully curated a list of five uniquely Hong Kong things to do this weekend – and we guarantee they’ll make this year the best Halloween yet.

Freeing HK

Sure, Freeing HK is scary year-round, but Halloween seems like the perfect time to get a group together for a spooky escape room experience. With locations in both Mongkok and Causeway Bay, you’ll have every opportunity to organize a terrifying afternoon. Choose from themes like Horror Dream, Killing Blaze, and Silent Blood, and see if your team can crack the codes to escape the room.

Halloween Baking at the Mixing Bowl

Registration closes soon for Halloween-themed classes at the Mixing Bowl in Central. Offerings include pumpkin bread rolls (in the shape of pumpkins), pumpkin carving, Halloween cookie decorating, and even Halloween macarons in flavors like dark chocolate, coffee ganache, and caramel. We couldn’t help but notice the class times don’t overlap. How convenient!

Lok Fu Plaza Horror Tunnel

There is really no better way to put this than to directly quote the website: “a Horror Tunnel made up of over 70 metres of cargo containers, combining the scenes of your favorite horror movies... for free.” There will also be a Horror Carnival for those of us with a crippling fear of, well, scary things.

Real-Life Pac Man at The Peak Galleria

This weekend, swim through the crowds of people and make a beeline for the Peak Galleria. The luxurious mall will turn into a life-size Pac Man game, allowing shoppers to dress up like Pac Man characters and chase each other around. There’s even a version for kids and a solo player option.

Zombie Laser Tag at LASERMADS


As if laser tag itself wasn’t fun enough, LASERMADS is offering a special zombie version of their game, where humans turn into zombies once they get tagged. Your team gets points for every five seconds you survive... and you probably won’t last long.