5 Insane Food Challenges in America

How much can you handle?

That's a lot of sushi!

Many restaurants pride themselves on a signature dish, and some of these places love their signature dish so much they decide to prepare it in mass amounts — and then challenge guests to eat as much of it as they possibly can. People from all over the world visit certain establishments to try these crazy food challenges. If they are victorious, they win not only pride, but usually a spot on a wall of fame.

5 Insane Food Challenges in America (Slideshow)

We chose five insane challenges from our larger list of 30 Crazy Restaurant Challenges Around the World, and my, there is some pretty terrifying stuff on there. Take, for instance, the KIDZ challenge at Jester’s Diner in England, which consists of an English breakfast so large it is the same weight as a small baby.

Have you competed in a restaurant challenge? Are there any others that we should know about? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting @thedailymeal.


Additional reporting by Nikkitha Bakshani