5 Fast Food Items From Around the World That’ll Make You Smile

From black hot dogs to purple pies, these foods will cheer you up

5 Fast Food Items From Around the World That’ll Make You Smile

It’s a weekday. Your boss just yelled at you. You forgot a friend’s birthday. The weekend is so far away. Cheer up! There’s always something to chuckle at, like these five fast food items from around the world.

Birizza, Sri Lanka

Biryani, the popular South Asian rice dish similar to pilaf, is about the last thing you’d expect to see at a Pizza Hut, but in July 2013, the “Birizza” hit the menus at locations in Sri Lanka. The dish was offered with either chicken or paneer cheese, and was topped with a pizza dough crust (starch on starch!). An onion salad came on the side, as well as spicy gravy — and we know how much Sri Lankans like their spice.

Black Hot Dog, Japan

If you’re a topping traditionalist but crave something out of the ordinary, opt for the renowned black hot dog from Vegas Premium Hot Dog in Akihabara, Tokyo, which is now closed, unfortunately, but don't worry — you can still buy an all-black cheeseburger. The dogs are dyed with edible bamboo charcoal powder and topped simply with onions, relish, ketchup, and mustard. 

Cheese Donut, Indonesia

For some reason, cheese-topped donuts are quite popular in Indonesia, and in September 2013 KFC decided to get in on the action, offering a glazed donut topped with shredded Swiss and Cheddar. The cheeses sort of look like sprinkles or shredded coconut, but the flavor of this treat is far from traditional. 

Kit Kat Sandwich, Japan

In America, Kit Kats are just another candy bar that conveniently comes in packages of two or four sticks. But in Japan, they are an obsession — see baked Kit Kats, Kit Kat pizza, and Japanese Kit Kat Flavors We Need in America. The sandwich itself is relatively simple. According to Kotaku, the Kit Kats are stuffed between two slices of white bread along with a ton of whipped cream and candied orange peel slices. 

Taro Pie, China

It’s quite surprising to bite into what looks like a regular McDonald’s apple pie, only to find that the filling is milky and purple. It’s like bubble tea in a pastry.