5 Fast Food Items From Around the World That’ll Make You Smile

From black hot dogs to purple pies, these foods will cheer you up

I'm still lovin' it, even if it's purple.

It’s a weekday. Your boss just yelled at you. You forgot a friend’s birthday. The weekend is so far away. Cheer up! There’s always something to chuckle at, like these five fast food items from around the world.

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We looked through a few of our previous lists about fast food, such as Vegetarian Fast Food Items You’ll Only Find Abroad and the Most Bizarre Fast Food Menu Items of All Time, and chose the most amusing items, from black hot dogs to purple pies.

This is not to say that foreign food is stranger than what we have in America — after all, the fact that an item like the Double Down exists, not to mention the general largeness of American portions, is pretty bizarre in its own right. It’s just that these foods are fun to read about.


If you want to see more fast food items to brighten your day, let us know by tweeting @thedailymeal or emailing TDMTravelEditor@gmail.com and we’ll expand this list. Because trust us, there are fun variations of fast food around the world aplenty.