5 Vegetarian Fast Food Items You’ll Only Find Abroad

Don’t get too excited; they’re just as unhealthy

A nice purple treat awaits vegetarians in China.

There are many things you might not know about McDonald’s and Burger King, including the vegetarian items they don’t serve in America (or in the countries where these fast food giants are banned).

While McDonald’s in America has tried to introduce vegetarian options to their menu many times, their attempts have mostly failed. Vegetarian items just do not sell well in the United States. However, this is not the case abroad, especially in countries like India, where at least 30 percent of the (very huge) population is vegetarian. But India is certainly not the only country where American fast food chains accommodate vegetarian customers. Even countries like New Zealand or Panama, where the diet is very meat-heavy, have vegetarian options (though, granted, they are not necessarily healthier than a burger and fries).

Here are five of these vegetarian options. Do you want to see these on American menus? If so, tweet us @thedailymeal.

Açai Bowl (Burger King, Japan)

In Japan, açaí bowl lovers do not need to do to pay $9 at the local juice joint or health food store for their fix. They can just go to Burger King.

Mediterranean Signature McWrap (McDonald’s, Canada)

McDonald’s serves our northern neighbors in Canada hummus wraps, but all we get is lettuce? Not fair.

Paneer Zinger (KFC,India)

KFC is one of the most popular fast foods chains in India — for vegetarians too. With options like the paneer zinger, a double-layer paneer patty with a spicy, creamy sauce in between the paneer slices (which are deep-fried, by the way), it’s not hard to see why.

Taro Pie (McDonald’s, China)

It’s quite surprising to bite in to what looks like a regular McDonald’s Apple Pie, only to find that the filling is milky and purple. It’s like bubble tea in a pastry.

Vegan Pizza (Domino’s, Israel)


There’s a reason we voted Tel Aviv the No. 1 destination for vegan travelers. There are so many vegan- and vegetarian-friendly options there that even McDonald’s offers soy cheese on pizza.