El Yunque

3 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico in the Winter

Wishing for a winter travel destination to end 2015 right? Look no further
El Yunque

Puerto Rico isn’t just a summer hotspot — it’s a beautiful place in winter to hike, explore, and celebrate Christmas. Discover why.

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is home to many attractions — picturesque beaches, historical sites, and bioluminescent bays that glow when the water is disturbed. Many people view the island as a summer destination for a warm getaway, but there are just as many reasons to visit in the winter. Discover three of them here, and consider packing your bags this winter for an impromptu Caribbean getaway.

Direct Flights

You can get to Puerto Rico in less than four hours much more easily in the wintertime, since there are almost twice as many flights to Luis Muñoz International Airport in San Juan during these months.

Holiday Celebrations

Christmas season in Puerto Rico starts after Thanksgiving and continues three weeks into January. Another perk? Holiday food in Puerto Rico includes dishes like pollo guisado (chicken stew with green olives and potatoes) and pernil (roasted pork shoulder), and the island’s version of eggnog — called coquito — isn’t one to be missed.

Rainforest Hikes

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The cool weather makes hiking through El Yunque the perfect wintertime activity in Puerto Rico — nature enthusiasts will love the waterfalls and unique plants. It also gives visitors the opportunity to try to spot 26 animal species unique to Puerto Rico, according to 10best.