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3 Reasons to Travel to Mexico This Winter

Planning a winter vacation? Don’t miss out on Mexico

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Mexico isn’t just a summer destination. Here are three reasons why you should visit this winter.

Mexico is often billed as a summer destination, but it’s just as — if not more — exciting in the wintertime. Check out these three reasons you should pack up and head south of the border this winter.

Ancient Ruins

Take a glimpse into one of the world’s earliest civilizations this winter with the ancient ruins this country harbors. Highlights include Tulum’s coastal ruins and, near Mexico City, the historical City of Gods at Teotihuacan.


Cancún. Cabo San Lucas. Puerto Vallarta. These are all winning beaches to visit to enjoy the warmth while you’re south of the border for the winter, but there are also prime beaches like Lo de Marco and San Pancho north of Puerto Vallarta. And outside of Cabo near the town of Todos Santos, there is an array of pristine beaches to enjoy.


The holiday season is the most festive time of the year in Mexico, full of feasting, parades, street fairs, dancing, and fireworks. A feast to honor Mexico’s patron saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe, on December 12 is called the DÍa de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. On December 16, Las Posadas is celebrated, honoring Joseph and Mary’s search for shelter in the town of Bethlehem. Christmas is celebrated for up to two weeks before December 25.