16 Adorable Dog-Themed Cakes (Slideshow)

These cakes are so cute you’ll wish you had a tail to wag

Sneaker Pup

What could be better than a few puppies and their kicks? We love how casual these puppies look gnawing on the shoestring as if they we just sitting there, waiting to be caught in the act. 

Fiesta Dog

We see this puppy and know it is time to party. We love his little festive outfit; it looks like this dog is ready to entertain at any soirée! 

Relaxed Puppy

If we didn’t know any better, we’d start petting this life-like cake! This adorable pup even has his tongue hanging out in happiness.

Tiffany Blue

If you can’t get a diamond out of a Tiffany’s blue box, you might as well get an adorable puppy. What could make a gift like that even better? It’s totally edible. 

Purse Puppy

Fancy yourself the next Elle Woods? This cake, complete with purse, puppy, and gavel, is great for any female law student on the verge of their degree.

Pound Puppies

Some very lucky princess got the most adorable puppy cake for her birthday! We love that these little figures remind us of the '90s Pound Puppies phenomenon.

Golf Buddy

Check out your official favorite new golf ball caddy. This amazing cake has some of the best small details we have ever seen — just look at the AstroTurf-like base, the perfectly sculpted golf ball, and the whiskers on the pup!

Present Puppy

What's inside this hat box is way more adorable (and way more delicious) than what you’d traditionally find in there. Our hearts totally melted with one look into this confectionary puppy's eyes. 

Dog Replica

We never met the puppy this cake was inspired by, but we are confident that it is pretty accurate — Who Make the Cake even included his favorite bone in the cake!

Puppy Party

This birthday cake has gone to the dogs. Not only is it adorned with adorable characters, but the pups also left their mark with a ton of paw prints all over the cake!

Bond Dog

The name is Dog, Puppy Dog. How dapper does this dog cake look with his adorable bow tie and even more adorable expression on his face?


With those big eyes and textured fur, we really have to resist the urge to pet this cake. Just look at the amount of detail this cake has — we aren’t sure if we’ve been duped and this is actually a real puppy! 

Pinky Puppy

One look in these adorable, cake-filled eyes and you’ll be completely crushed by the cuteness. We love how Pink Cake Box made this cutie-patootie puppy into a total diva with her glamorous accessories. 

Sad Eyes

Bull dogs are some of the wrinkliest, cutest puppies around and cake lava perfectly captured their aura — right down to the sad puppy dog eyes!

Puppy Love

Nothing says eternal love like a puppy and a wedding. For a couple who loves dogs as much as they love each other, this cake is absolutely perfect!

Happy Birthday

When you have a dog, they become part of the family. It only seems right that they wish you a happy birthday, and do it in the most delicious way possible!