15 Delicious and Affordable Beach Escapes

A beach getaway is not as distant a possibility as it may seem!

Wake up the the peaceful beach at See-U Guest House in Barbados.

For many, the idea of a beachside getaway is out of the question. Money does not grow on trees — and certainly not on coconut palms. However, many popular vacation spots have small boutique hotels that do not charge you large sums of money to enjoy simple, beachside living for a few days. Often times, they are particularly stylish, with art and furniture inspired by the local culture, and they feel more like homes than hotels. Here are 15 chic and affordable beach escapes you can book as soon as you please.

15 Delicious and Affordable Beach Escapes (Slideshow)

To find the items on this list, we worked off of and updated our previous list of affordable beach escapes. We expanded the list to include getaways outside the Caribbean, and found excellent hotels and inns in England, Portugal, and Oregon. Many hotels on this list offer different rates for high and low season; we recommend going at non-peak times, not only because it is more wallet-friendly, but because it will be more peaceful. As usual, we only selected hotels with exceptional food or easy access to exceptional food.

One of the best parts about staying in small hotels is the interactions you have with the staff, the owners, and the other residents. You get used to seeing the same few faces over breakfast, and the staff is happy to give you restaurant suggestions for places that locals actually like, as opposed to restaurants they have some sort of partnership with. It’s important to support small, local businesses — and stylish, too. Behemoth all-inclusive resorts? Just say no.

So don’t rule out the possibility of a beach getaway in your near future. There are only a few essential ingredients needed to be satisfied with a sun-soaked retreat, and an overdrafted bank account is not one of them. These 15 hotels know that very well.

Bahari Beach: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Tents and hammocks may not sound like the lap of luxury, but at Bahari Beach, they come with an enviable seaside location, oversized beds, private patios, Jacuzzis, and bathrooms. The hotel also wakes guests up with the smells of locally produced coffee in their rustic restaurant, which serves Costa Rican specialties all day. They'll arrange for horseback riding on the beach, rafting, fishing trips, and beach amenities as well. Prices start at $90 per night for a tent with a bed; rooms in the main house are less.

Bravo Beach Hotel: Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques, a tiny Puerto Rican island, is surrounded by iridescent blue water, and you can see a lot of it from a room at Bravo Beach Hotel, which has two swimming pools and charming tropical gardens. The hotel is a five-minute walk from the largest town on the island, Isabel Segunda, which features restaurants like the Coqui Fire Café. They’re known for their famous hot sauces (try the piña colada mustard sauce), fundido dip, and hot pepper margarita. From $118 per night.


Additional reporting by Nicole Campoy-Leffler