12 Things Only People From Florida Say

If you’re a native of the Sunshine State, or even a recent transplant, you’ve definitely heard these words and phrases
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Floridian terminology guide

Florida, Florida, Florida. What a unique state with such divided cultures. You’ll often hear Floridians talk about how the state should really be split in two, and how the farther north you travel the more “Southern” the culture gets. South Florida is an international melting pot with a mind and language (or, rather, many languages) all of its own, and North Florida is the more traditional kind of place that people think of when they think of the American South.

12 Things Only People From Florida Say 


That said, common expressions and sayings throughout the state can vary, but there are a few things just about any Floridian has heard before. If you’re a visitor to the Sunshine State, know that the “West Coast” does not mean California, prepare to hear natives tell you that the rain will pass, and if you’re in “SoFla” — the locals’ abbreviation for South Florida — be mindful of the fact that everyone will assume you know some degree of Spanish