12 Great Gifts for Globe-Trotters Slideshow

Abercrombie and Kent Gift Certificate

Abercrombie and Kent is an ultimate purveyor of globe-trotting luxury. Whether tailor-made itineraries or packaged holidays are your thing, A&K offers unparalleled access and trips with fantastic themes, from the historical to the stylish and the gastronomic to the wine-soaked. Your jet-setting loved one will adore a gift certificate they can put toward any trip their heart desires. The minimum certificate amount is $500.

Weekend at Blackberry Farm

We daydream about spending the weekend at Blackberry Farm, so this is as much a suggestion to others as a hint for our own loved ones. We have long lauded the food and wine program at Blackberry Farm, so a weekend there would be a true gastronomic getaway, with cooking courses, wine tastings, homemade dinners in the gorgeous barn, and chats with their cheesemaker and chocolatier.

Car and Driver in Wine Country

Send your loved ones deep into California's wine country with the luxury of a car and driver. Beau Wine Tours is actually more than just a chauffeur — the company is well-connected in the region and can arrange private tastings that most oenophile travelers couldn't on their own. They'll also take you to buy provisions and set up a picnic while you're inside swirling and spitting. Rates from $70/hour.

Lobster Fishing Excursion

Food adventurers will jump at the opportunity to get closer to their favorite crustaceans on a lobster fishing excursion, particularly if the afternoon ends with a delicious lobster dinner. There are any number of quality outfitters in Maine, like Top Notch Charters (rates from $45/hr) or the boats at English Meadows Inn.

Bon Voyage by Jetsetter

For the stylish traveler, look no further than Gilt Groupe's Jetsetter — their Bon Voyage book and travel consultation certificate ($199) is all the chic your loved one could want. Huge, gorgeous images with fascinating tidbits inspire trip ideas, and the book comes with a certificate for a consultation with Jetsetter's travel planning team, meaning your loved one's bespoke food holiday is but a phone call away.

Veuve Clicquot Traveler Case

When packing up the car for a road trip, there are a few necessities: a well-planned route, a couple of great playlists, delicious snacks, and the Veuve Clicquot Traveler Case, which comes complete with two champagne flutes and a bottle of their Yellow Label bubbly. This perfect addition to your road trip, picnic, or afternoon escape starts at $60.

BottleWise Travel Wine Carrier

How better to delay the return to reality after a wine-soaked holiday in Tuscany or the South of France than with a few bottles of wine straight from the source? Help your loved ones bring them back safe, sound, and in one (dry) piece with the BottleWise Duo carrier in their cognac leather ($100) or their simpler single-bottle Rollup ($20).

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

Picky and persnickety eaters will rejoice at this opportunity to season everything they eat on the road. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit ($26) is a set of 13 herbs and spices perfectly packed for traveling. It provides the perfect doses of basil, organic cayenne pepper, curry powder, dill, granulated garlic, ginger, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, granulated onion, sea salt, black pepper, and wasabi powder.

America the Edible

Adam Richman knows a thing or two about eating his way across the country, so give the gift of his culinary road trip advice with a copy of America the Edible: A Hungry History, From Sea to Dining Sea ($17). It's more than just a guide to stops on the highway; he also dives into culinary culture, from how regional dishes developed to the historical and ethnic significance of foods across the country.

Yuck! The Things People Eat

It's no secret that people around the world eat some wild things, from bulls' testicles to maggot cheese. Yuck! The Things People Eat ($17) is a roundup of some of the truly crazy things people indulge in the world over, like boiled duck embryo in the Philippines, boiled sheep's head in the Middle East, and deep-fried tarantula complete with pictures and anecdotes.

Sushi Flash Cards

Looking down at a delicious plate of sushi, it can be hard to remember your snapper from your mackerel. Take a peek at these Sushi Flash Cards ($10) first, though, and you'll be an expert whether you're eating omakase in Tokyo or at the bar in New York.

Wallpaper* City Guides

Courtesy of Jane Bruce

Feeling like an insider is nearly impossible if you're combing the streets with that trusty Frommer's in hand. Instead of letting your loved one give themselves away, equip them with the small and sleek Wallpaper* City Guides ($10 for a book, $5 for the iPhone app) that tell you all you need to know, including restaurant recommendations, neighborhood guides, and architectural marvels, in a brief and brightly colored book.