11 Must-Try Travel Products for 2017

Our picks for some of the best new travel accessories of this year

Useful products for the frequent traveler.

While you’re making your 2017 travel plans, don’t overlook those things that can make life a little easier on your journey. Whether you want to save money on airline bag fees, stay warm and cozy while exploring a new city, or carry the latest tech gadgets, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite new travel items.

Our round-up includes luxurious skincare products to keep your face and hands soft and supple while flying and essential oils to help you de-stress. A ladies’ work bag that is also an excellent travel carry-on and a stylish trench coat with built-in secret pockets make the list, as do a portable digital scale and a universal power adapter that works in 150 countries. Wherever you are headed, consider including these products to make your next travel experience efficient, comfortable, and fun.


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