Savvy Frequent Travelers Always Have This One Thing With Them

When you're jumping from city to city and from plane to plane, a lot can go wrong and unexpected issues can arise, in which case you'll be glad you brought this along: a pre-packed, carry-on emergency kit.

OK, so there's more than one item within this kit, but as a whole it's one thing, right? This emergency kit should include a toothbrush, a copy of each of your important documents (your passport or any form of identification), spare underwear (just in case something happens to your luggage), any medication you need to have on hand, and, if you're traveling abroad, an electrical outlet adapter.

We hope you won't need to rely on this packet of essentials during your travels. However, if you're delayed, miss a connecting flight, or are in a pinch as you wait for your luggage to make its way back to you, you'll be glad to have these things on hand.

Aside from your phone charger and some form of entertainment that you'll already be packing into your carry-on, most frequent travelers would agree that this little kit is essential. Have it prepared before any trips so it's ready to go and you can just throw it into your bag knowing everything is already there.


 quick additional tip: Make several copies of your passport and keep them separate. If you accidentally lose this kit as well as the passport itself, you'll be glad to have a backup saved in a different bag or piece of luggage, and vice versa.