The Search for the One True Dave from The 11 Funniest Passive-Aggressive Kitchen Notes (Slideshow)

The 11 Funniest Passive-Aggressive Kitchen Notes (Slideshow)

Some people just want to watch the world… learn their a lesson about the proper way to conduct themselves in society

The Search for the One True Dave

Apparently Dave failed to consider the existence of his fellow employee, other Dave, when making his menacing soda border. Other Dave, however, seems very appreciative of this gesture.  

The (Rapidly Unraveling) Microwave Military

We’re not sure which note made it on this microwave first, but we’re guessing it’s the one regarding smelly foods. Then apparently, there was a threat hinting that the employees themselves might get microwaved? Another person is more concerned about the proper way to cook eggs, and yet another just thinks we should do away with electricity all together.

The Roommate Who isn't Looking for Eggs-Cuses

We’re not sure what time of the year it was when one roommate decided they’d had enough of the messy fridge, but we’d be doubly impressed if it were nowhere near Easter. 

The Co-Worker Who Needs to Stake Out Her Territory

Poor Elaine; she was just trying to carve out a little piece of the office to use as her personal oasis. Unfortunately, Elaine’s coworkers do not appreciate being excluded, and they’ve started their own refrigerator club where everyone is welcome except Elaine.

The Disappointed Dinner Guest

We’re not sure the scene of this onion-based crime is a kitchen, but imagine if you spent all evening making a balanced meal for your kid brother while your parents took the night off, and he responded to your kindness with this extremely detail-oriented note?

The Employee Who Doesn't Feel the Need To Ever Visit the World's Fair

“Please stop and think of others (i.e. me),” begins this note from an employee who seems to think that he’s already had all the culinary diversity he’s ever going to need, and would appreciate it if his coworkers did not have life experiences or preferences that upset the delicate balance of his world. 

The Roommate Who's Trying to Communicate with a Changing World

This aggrieved housemate is just trying to survive in a millennial world, whereas his or her roommates are more concerned with Internet memes than keeping house.

The Roommate Who is Sorry

This roommate would like to apologize several times over for creating a cleaning schedule in their head that was never discussed with the other roommates but they should still know better. Sorry. 

The Dorm-Mate Who is Saving Something for You

This person found a piece of lettuce on the floor of the communal kitchen last week and wanted to teach a lesson about how to protect one’s valuables.

The Co-Worker Who Wants to Make Things Clear

This person would like you to know these simple instructions for the making of ice, because apparently everyone else is messing it up. 

The Woman Who Will Be Watching for Her Co-Workers' Bodily Changes

This woman decided to get even with a water bottle thief by sacrificing her own hormonal balance to teach someone a lesson about our bodies, ourselves.