11 Frozen Treats From Around the World

While not every kid in the world is chomping down on a Klondike bar, the love of frozen treats is universal
How to Make the Perfect Ice Cream Bar

Kate Petridi of Magnum Ice Cream shows us how to create the perfect ice cream treat for summer. Produced by Jessica Chou.

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Japanese sweet rice is mashed and turned into a paste to form dough called mochi to create this bite-sized dessert.

Here in the States, the jolly jingle of the ice cream truck sends kids into a frenzy. Ever wonder what gets the job done in other parts of the world? Here are 11 frozen treats commonly enjoyed outside America.

11 Frozen Treats From Around the World (Slideshow)

Yes, it’s crazy to think that not every kid — or adult — in the world chomps down on a Klondike bar in the hot summer sun. In reality, frozen treats take on a form of their own in other parts of the world, and for many people, cookies — or even chocolate — are not involved. Take the Philippines, for example. Kids there get their frozen fix with a cup of mais con yelo, or “corn with ice.” Shaved-down ice is mixed with cold milk and sugar and dressed with kernels of corn for a sundae that looks more like Sunday dinner’s side dish to many of us.

Italy has not one, but three kinds of frozen treats. They are world famous for their gelato. A slow-churned frozen dessert, gelato is made with milk rather than the heavy cream often found in traditional American ice cream recipes.  And while ice cream has at least 10 percent fat (typically somewhere in the 14 to 25 percent range), gelato has at most nine percent. As if that delicious dessert weren’t enough, Italians also enjoy granita — a frozen dessert made with sweetened sugar water that is flavored with fresh-squeezed Sicilian lemon juice and frozen into a block of ice. If you’ve ever been the guest in an Italian grandmother’s house, then you’ve had the job of shaving the block into cups of shaved ice using nothing but the back of a spoon. Finally, there is semifreddo. Click through the slideshow to read more about this dessert, which even Fudgy the Whale would be impressed with.

Ready to globetrot your way around brain freeze? Here are some of the world’s most delicious frozen treats.

Açaí na Tigela

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The superfruit açaí is celebrated in a delicious dessert in Brazil. It’s mashed and frozen into a sorbet-like dessert that can be transformed into a refreshing smoothie or served in a bowl (the name literally means "açaí in a bowl") with more fresh fruit and granola.  Now we know why supermodels are born here.

Frozen Bananas

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They keep things deliciously uncomplicated in Mexico. Frozen bananas are just that: bananas that have been frozen and dipped in premium-quality dark Mexican chocolate. A banana bar might include options for toppings like crushed nuts, coconut, or sprinkles.