Spaghetti Ice Cream Now Found in New York

Yup, that’s right. Spaghetti for dessert is an actual thing.
Wikimedia Commons

Spaghetti ice cream is now being served at Dolce Gelateria in the West Village of New York City.

Dolce Gelateria in New York City's West Village is no longer only famous for their 50+ flavors of gelato and sorbet. They’ve begun selling what at first glance sounds like a novel idea: spaghetti ice cream.
According to GrubStreet, spaghetti ice cream has landed in New York and although this seems like a radical idea, it is nothing new to the dessert world.
Dubbed as “Spaghettieis” in Germany, the dessert is simply vanilla ice cream that has been extruded through a pasta machine, and the resulting product looks a whole lot like spaghetti.
Toppings include fruit compote as “marinara sauce” and scoops of chocolate gelato to resemble meatballs. Coconut flakes or white chocolate may be added as the dash of Parmesan cheese.
According to BuzzFeed Food, the fruit compote “marinara sauce” flavors are strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. For a “vodka sauce,” order mango or peach.
With all of these new desserts rolling out, like the Magic Soufflé unveiled last week by Dominique Ansel, we’re not sure what to expect next.