The 11 Best Theme Restaurants in Las Vegas

Looking a little fun with your meal? Try one of these unique theme restaurants for a quirky and casual culinary experience
Best Theme Restaurants in Las Vegas

Brian Sheehan previews our list of some of the best theme restaurants in Las Vegas. Check out the complete story in the Travel section.

The 11 Best Theme Restaurants in Las Vegas


With the ample entertainment options in Las Vegas, why shouldn't dinner include a show?

When it really comes down to it, Las Vegas is to adults what Disneyland is to children. Think about it: Both places draw tourists with their numerous shows and attractions, and although each has normal hotels and restaurants, some of the most popular places to stay and/or eat have some sort of theme or gimmick used to differentiate themselves from the surrounding area and other businesses.

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Additionally, although both Disney and Vegas cater to tourists from around the world, they also have a bit of a bias toward American cuisine, especially that of the casual variety. To make the experiences they offer stand out, and stimulate some competition, the restaurants at both these places add unique twists to their menus and atmospheres. They create cute names for the dishes, they add plenty of audio and visual stimuli, and they might even have some live entertainment or interaction with diners. To top it off, the servers at these restaurants — in Disney and Vegas — often wear uniforms that are a lot more like costumes, and in some cases actually are!


If you’re looking for a fun night out that doesn’t include fine dining (or fine dining prices), consider this list, which includes 11 of the best theme restaurants in all of Las Vegas.