11 Best Cities Around the World for Seafood Lovers

Get your ultimate seafood fix on vacation in these 11 cities
Seafood Cities

Photo Modified: Flickr / McPig / CC BY 4.0

Love seafood? You’ll love what these 11 cities around the world have to offer.

The taste and smell of seafood can be like a snapshot, evoking memories of a romantic honeymoon in the islands, childhood vacations eating at a seafood shack on the shore, or walking into Nonna's kitchen on Christmas Eve. Seafood is beloved worldwide, and while we may eat it often and in our own backyards, seafood lovers will travel the globe for that perfect meal — one they will remember for years to come.

That perfect meal could mean enjoying freshly grilled fish on an Indonesian beach while the tide washes over your feet, having ceviche spooned into your cup on the pier from where the fish was caught, or  eating a sushi breakfast at a pre-dawn Japanese fish market.

We assembled this list considering three important factors: quality of seafood, variety of species, and preparation. While it was not a criterion, coastal cities dominated supplying the freshest catches. These cities were then cross referenced with Michelin star ratings, lists of top ranking restaurants, and presence of renowned chefs.

Some seafood and locations are expected — sushi in Tokyo is always a winner — while others bring something new or unique to the table. Larger cities, like Tokyo and San Francisco, are gourmet trendsetters, while a newly resurged South American fishing port is still more up-and-coming. Heading to the dock is a common theme for freshness, but most of these cities have upscale choices as well.  Preparation is equally as important, with each place bringing its own unique flavor and vibe, covering everything from sushi to Cajun.

Keeping all of that in mind, here are 11 awesome seafood cities you'll want to go the distance for.