10 Things Only People From Texas Say


10 Things Only People From Texas Say

How many of these Texas terms do you know?

Considering the fact that we previously did a list of 20 things only people from the South say, this article was expectedly a bit tricky. However, anyone who has been to both Texas and the greater Southeast of the United States knows that although the two regions have a lot in common, certain terms are unique to Texas.

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In other words, all Texans are Southerners, but not all Southerners are Texans. You follow?

With that in mind, we scoured the internet and consulted our Texas experts for the words, phrases, and sayings that hail from, or are almost exclusively used in, the Lone Star State. Though you won’t find any uses of “y’all” or “fixin’ to” here (and some of these were tough calls), there are still plenty of entertaining bits of linguistic locutions. We should point out here that we tried not to include instances of terminology where normal words or phrases are simply pronounced differently, instead striving for wholly original examples.

So grab your 10-gallon hat and throw on your boots, because after publishing lists for the South, Midwest, New England, and the West Coast, there’s now a new sheriff in town.

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