10 Things Only People From Canada Say

Grab some pop from the dep or a double-double at Tim Hortons
Double double of coffee


Make that a double-double, please.

Canadians have given us some, um, interesting things to eat (including that heavenly dish poutine) and Bloody Caesars, and they have kindly helped Americans smuggle the popular ‘90s snack Dunkaroos across the border. Although we appreciate our northern neighbors’ contributions to the culinary world,  we can’t help but tease them in conversation by throwing in an “eh?” at the end of a sentence or pronouncing “about” as “aboot” (something most Canadians will insist they don’t actually do)

There are words and phrases that you’ll most likely hear only in Canada. Pronunciations may vary depending on region, but these words and phrases are unique to the country. Since French is one of the two official languages of Canada (you’re reading in the other one), some words have a notable French influence. For instance, the word tuque comes from the French toque, meaning “cap” or “bonnet,” but is now often used in Canada to mean a knit beanie.


Here are 10 things only people from Canada say: