5 Canadian Foods You Need to Travel For

Happy Canada Day! Start planning your travel now

There is more to Canadian food than poutine.

There is more to Canadian cuisine than poutine and all things maple. Really! We have lined up five beloved Canadian delicacies to prove that that stereotype is far from true.

Not only does Canada have a few mouth-watering potato chip flavors that we don’t, they also have Tim Hortons, bannock, and peameal bacon. Canadians are not as aggressive as Americans when it comes to national food pride, but they certainly wouldn’t be remiss in showing some. C’mon, Canadians, it’s Canada Day; don’t be shy, and wear your love of Clamato proudly.

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So this Canada Day, daydream about Canadian foods that aren’t six-layer pizza cakes or maple Cronut burgers, and book your Canadian vacation ASAP.