Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England from 10 Most Haunted Places in the World (Slideshow)

10 Most Haunted Places in the World (Slideshow)

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Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

There’s seeing ghosts and then there’s being physically attacked by them. The owner of the Ancient Ram Inn knows this personally, as the first night he stayed in the twelfth-century house, he was grabbed out of bed and dragged across the room by an invisible force. Since then, he has experienced sightings and run-ins on a daily basis and guests have reported similar incidents — many of whom say staying at the Ancient Ram Inn was the scariest experience of their lives. A few have even fled in the middle of the night! Adding to the eeriness, the site was allegedly a Pagan burial ground more than 5,000 years ago (where countless rituals were held over the years), a witch may have been burned at the stake here in the 1500s (and still haunts one of the inn’s rooms), and the owner says he found the skeletal remains of children under the staircase. TV shows such as Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted, and Great British Ghosts, as well as numerous paranormal investigative teams have explored the spooky property at length.

While the Ancient Ram Inn could cut down on its number of ghosts, England is attempting to cut down sugar levels in the food industry by 20 percent.