10 Iconic Fast-Food Items Worth Eating Slideshow

Nathan's Famous French Fries

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"Nathan’s fries are crinkle cut, which is somewhat unique in the fast-food industry," Hein said. "The icing on the cake is that red plastic fry fork. You can’t find it anywhere else. Part of the stuff that makes fast food unique is the little ways they make things to set them apart." Hein does not, however, eat these fries with ketchup.

McDonald's French Fries


"When you go to McDonald's, there's so much stuff you can get," Hein said. "But when you get those perfectly salted fries from McDonald’s, whether you’re in Tucsan, Ariz., or Little Rock, Ark., you know what you’re getting when they hand you that red container."

Kentucky Fried Chicken Biscuit


"Sometimes it’s the sides that make the difference," Hein explains. "That biscuit, it’s thick, it’s the right texture, and it complements the chicken so well. KFC has a knack for making a great buttermilk biscuit, and I think part of it is eating it with the chicken and those spices mix in somehow, adding into the flavor of the biscuit."

In-N-Out Burger Well-Done Fries


"In-N-Out cooks all their stuff fresh, and their secret menu? I'm like a little kid there. I won't order anything off the regular menu," Hein said. "For well-done fries, they'll cook the fries longer and it makes a big difference in the taste of them. The well-done makes them a little more brown, a little more crispy, and the oil that they cook it in melts it a little bit more."

Krispy Kreme HOT Glazed Donut


"This is another secret of those who are Krispy Kreme fanatics," Hein said. "If you see the 'HOT' sign lit up in red, that means the donuts are literally coming off the conveyor belt. And Krispy Kreme donuts regularly are fantastic, but the hot Krispy Kreme donut is orgasmic."

Wendy's Frosty


"Wendy's Frosties are unique because it’s not a shake. You can’t slurp a Frosty, I don't care how strong your lips are," Hein said. "And by the end it’s melted down a little bit and it becomes more of a liquid. It’s a true fast-food dessert."

Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich


"I mean, Chick-fil-A invented the chicken sandwich," Hein said. "They do a great job and the way they toast the bun adds to the flavor. You hand-roll and hand-bread all the chicken fillets then you put them in a cooker, which is just like it was made back in the day."

White Castle Slider

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"Sliders are sliders, they slide right down. When you get a slider fresh off the grill it’s delicious," Hein said. "And there’s no place better to go at two in the morning other than White Castle."

Chipotle Chips


"A lot of times you get your burrito, and the perfect complement is the Chipotle chip," Hein said. "None of them are folded, they’re all pretty close to flat, and that gives you a lot more chip to eat. They’re always crunchy."

Dairy Queen Blizzard


"We’re ending on a high note here. When I say Dairy Queen Blizzard, immediately you get thirsty and you want one," Hein said. "It’s a classic. Mix up whatever you want in that cup, that soft serve melts so right, and as it melts it just tastes even better."