10 Hotels Rooms Around the World With the Best Views

Stay in bed and take in the sights from these perfect hotels

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

If a hotel room with the finest view is what you seek, then look no further. There’s no better feeling than waking up to a spectacular sight; it can make or break your hotel experience and it sets the stage for the rest of your vacation. From new cliff-side suites in Bermuda to secluded lodges overlooking Australia’s Kangaroo Island, these 10 hotels around the world bring hotel views to a whole new level.

And once you decide to leave your hotel room (if you decide to leave) these hotels will place you just steps from some of the world’s best travel destinations. From sandy beaches to big cities to remote islands, there’s a room for every type of traveler. There’s no better feeling than waking up and being steps away from your destination.


So sit back, take a peek at our list, and start planning your next escape.