10 Great Secret Santa Gifts (Slideshow)

Cool ideas for every price range to make your secret Santa a success!

Gifts for $5

Giving a great gift with a $5 limit is tough, but instead of spending hours digging through a bargain bin, try getting a little creative, Homemade baking or spice mixes in mason jars make for a quick and thoughtful gift. You can also make DIY kitchen staples, like plates or mugs, for a custom look at a small price! 

Gifts for $10

While your secret Santa may have cabinets full of big-ticket items, their smaller-appliance drawers could easily be lacking. To help them fill the void for the mini-necessities (or just fun gadgets any food lover will adore), we found a ton of $10 gift items, like a Le Creuset Stoneware pie bird or an adorable mini cutting board

Gifts for $15

Entering a higher price bracket inevitably gets you a wider variety of options. For $15 you can purchase a singular cool item, like this antler bottle opener, or pull together a unique stocking using an oven mitt as the vessel to hold a ton of cheaper, useful kitchen appliances. 

Gifts for $20

Since many secret Santa exchanges happen in the setting of work, upping the limit to $20 sort of takes you out of the gag-gift realm and into the more serious arena. At this price range, you may want to think in terms of gift sets like cool glassware or useful pieces like mixing bowls filled with candy or cutting boards.

Gifts for $25

Ah, the $25 gift limit — how tempting it is to purchase a nice, even gift card and be done with it. But don’t give up on your creativity just yet! For this price you can pull together something super creative like this kitchen towel cake or a great matching kitchen starter set.

Gifts for $30

At the $30 price point you are finally entering the world of quirky (but cute) gift gadgetry. Finds like mini waffle-makers are perfect for secret Santa because they fill the "want but don't need" category nicely!

Gifts for $35

Who says that your secret Santa gift has to be Christmas-y? Think about essentials for the summer by gifting something like this perfect unisex porter for the grill. Plus, they might be more likely to invite you to their annual Memorial Day party.

Gifts for $40

In this price bracket you can afford to give a gourmet gift. Get them an elaborate gift basket that they can take home and share with their families or use at their holiday parties. The gesture is very thoughtful and can be pulled together in a million different ways!

Gifts for $45

While we are all about gifting great kitchen gadgets, at $45 you have room to be playful and personal. Check out this cool personalized cutting board or even consider gifting art for the kitchen as a gorgeous and memorable present!

Gifts for $50

Passing around secret Santa gifts with a $50 price point is sort of a lot of pressure. After all, people expect really cool gifts at this level. Wow them with a nifty bar tool set, a flatware caddy, or even a neat sign that will work as a cool kitchen décor piece!