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10 Best Beaches for a Spring Break Getaway

Join in on the party or step away to relax at any of these coastal destinations

Most people think of spring break as a time when college students travel in packs to party towns and boozy beaches. While there is truth to that impression, there are also other schools on break, and parents are looking to fill that time with a much-needed vacation. Whether you’re living in the northern cold or in the southern warmth, one thing is common about spring break time everywhere: it provides the perfect opportunity for a beach getaway.

Slideshow: 10 Best Beaches for a Spring Break Getaway

Some go away to party, others go to relax, but all go to get away from their daily routines. Although we ranked this list of spring break getaways from most relaxing to most hectic based on accessibility, likelihood of beach parties, and opportunity for water activities, all destinations are family-friendly.

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Whether you spend your spring break going wild in South Beach or keeping it quiet in Eleuthera, what you do with your break is your call.