The 9 Absolutely Wildest Party Destinations for Spring Break

These are the craziest places to be for spring break if you want to party 24/7

Spring break is the wildest time of year for college-student vacationers. It falls in the middle of the spring semester, providing week-long respite from the monotony of school before the daily grind of classes begin again. The purpose of a crazy fun spring break trip is being able to spend the days drinking on the beach and the evenings in nightclubs or at live concerts — or just at  the non-stop parties that seem to be everywhere.

Slideshow: The 9 Absolutely Wildest Party Destinations for Spring Break

For people going to school up north the occasion is a much needed break from everyday coat weather, and for those in the South it’s a completely acceptable excuse to live as a beach bum for a few days. Some people plan long cruise getaways, but many also opt for visiting a specific beach destination and spending their entire break there.

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If you’re looking for places the absolute wildest party destinations for spring break, anywhere from Texas to Brazil, then check out our list of destination hot spots here: