Travel to Barcelona in 5 Cocktails

Not traveling anywhere for the holidays? Pretend you're in Barcelona with these 5 cocktails

These drinks, featuring cava, gin, and other spirits, are the epitome of Barcelona drinking culture.

The food of Spain's Catalonia region is known for many things: Ferran Adrià's innovative cuisine in the days of elBulli, for one, but also a vast array of stews, roasts, casseroles, and more dishes that take on the flavors of the Mediterranean, Spain, France, Italy, and more.

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And with a vast array of food must come a fine selection of tipples; 95 percent of cava (or Spanish champagne) is produced in the Catalonian region Penedès, not far from Barcelona. The three grapes blended to create cava, macabeo, xarel-lo, and parellada, create a sparkling wine that's fruitier than champagne but drier than prosecco.

Spain in general, however, has a terrific drinking culture; punches and cocktails are plentiful (sangria, anyone?), gin and tonic bars have become staples from Madrid to Barcelona, and drinkers down dangerously delicious glasses of kalimotxo (red wine and cola).


Hotel Arts Barcelona shares some of its most popular cocktails, all inspired by the arts, culture, and epicurean sensibilities of Barcelona. You might not be able to fly to Spain on a whim, but at least you can drink like you’re overlooking La Sagrada Familia. Click here for the recipes.