Trader Joe's To Carry Exclusive ZICO Coconut Water Flavor

Trader Joe's to be the exclusive store to carry new ZICO Tropical flavor

A new flavor of ZICO coconut water will be on Trader Joe's shelves this month.

One of the main reasons we all love Trader Joe’s is because of their creative private-label goods that fill the majority of the store. However, about a year ago ZICO Coconut Water hit the shelves of Trader Joe’s as one of the few brand-name products, and the only coconut water sold at the store.

This week, some exciting news for the coconut water-loving customers has broke. The newest flavor of coconut water from ZICO, the ZICO Tropical, will be sold exclusively at Trader Joe's. The flavor is made from coconut water, pineapple juice, orange juice, and guava puree. 

ZICO, a Coca-Cola owned company, ran a test launch of the Tropical flavor this week in Texas locations, according to a company representative. Over the course of the last month, the new drink has entered stores in Northeast. But not to worry, over the next few months the product should be in all Trader Joe’s locations.


The hydrating, non-GMO, and all-natural coconut water company has barely mentioned the ZICO Tropical flavor, aside from a few social media remarks. It is also unclear whether the new product will go into other competitors' stores, such as Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s price points are slightly more affordable than its competitors, so it is possible this will broader the coconut water companies’ appeal. ZICO's website also has recipe ideas with the new flavor.