Whole Foods to Label Genetically Modified Foods

The store will have labels for all GM foods by 2018

In the latest string of GMO labeling news, organic supermarket Whole Foods has announced that all genetically modified products will be labeled in stores by 2018, the AP reports.

According to the company, Whole Foods is the first national grocery chain to set a deadline for labeling GMO foods, something food advocates have been fighting for all year.

Last election, California's Proposition 37 was a hot topics, as it would require all GMO foods to be labeled; the proposition didn't pass, but it got press with support from the likes of Alice Waters, Mario Batali, and Dan Barber.


Genetically modified foods are sort of a hot topic in the industry, as past studies have found that GMO corn was giving rats tumors and organ damage. Whole Foods notes that it sells more than 3,000 GMO-free products, surprising since the Grocery Manufacturers of America quotes up to 75 percent of processed foods have at least one genetically-modified ingredient.