Brave Tourists Chug $1,200 Wine to Keep It From Airport Security

Two men chugged a whole bottle of fine wine at a security checkpoint

Worried about losing a $1,200 bottle of wine to airport security, two men just chugged it right in line. 

Two brave, iron-stomached tourists who picked up a very expensive bottle of “aphrodisiac” wine this week somehow failed to check their airport’s policy on bringing liquids through security and wound up chugging the whole $1,200 bottle right there by the metal detectors.

According to Shanghaiist, two men were passing through security at the Baiyuan International Airport in Guangzhou, China, when the security officer noticed that one of the men had a large, ornamental sculpture of a tiger that appeared to be full of liquid. When she asked him about it, he boasted that it was an 8,000-yuan, or $1,288, bottle of fine wine with purported aphrodisiac qualities.

"Little girl, it's good stuff inside. It's aphrodisiac wine that was bought from my buddy's hometown. You know, it's very very expensive," the man reportedly told her. "It cost us a good 8,000 yuan. Smell it... feel the aroma."

Unimpressed, the security clerk told them that they were not allowed to bring liquids on the plane and would have to check the tiger or leave it behind. Instead, the men decided to take a different option and popped the head off the tiger and started chugging the aphrodisiac wine right out of the bottle. They managed to empty most of the bottle before another security officer reminded them that visibly drunk passengers would not be allowed to board the plane.

Somehow the men managed to polish off their treasure and still make it through airport security, though both admit that was a terrible idea and say they will never do it again.


“We both can drink like a fish, but we're afraid of wasting the aphrodisiac! We won't bring this kind of stuff any more. If we do, we will register it as checked baggage," the man said.