Tough Portable Fugoo Speakers You Can Snowboard and Surf With


If you're roaming around CES Las Vegas this year, make sure to check out the Fugoo speaker line — Fugoo Style, Fugoo Sport with Remote, and Fugoo Tough. Though all great, the Fugoo Tough makes your 360-degree sound speaker as close to indestructible as one could ever hope for. The "tough" jacket that encases the sleek gadget is easily replaceable and gives a pretty rugged appearance, made from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum. If you drop it, the end-caps apparently take the impact on all eight corners and the steel mesh keeps the drivers (two tweeters, two mid/woofers, and two passive radiators) on the sides safe. Waterproof, sandproof, and snowproof, you can listen to music anywhere you want (with up to 40 hours of battery life), from camping in the desert to floating in a pool. Plus, there's a mounting socket on the bottom, allowing you to attach Fugoo's strap mount (for use on trees, basketball poles, etc.), bike mount, and multi mount (giving different options, like for attaching on a tripod).