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Tossing It All Together


Photo by Emma Delaney

The Corp’s newest business, a year in the making, currently offers four signature salads: the Jay Gatsby–with a panoply of flavors as enticing as our favorite literary character himself–the Parthenon, the Amalfi Coast and the Far East Movement. This past Friday, the community voted on an addition to the menu, the Pig Latin, that will include kale, romaine, parmesan, bacon, chicken, artisan croutons and an asiago-ceasar dressing.


Photo by Emma Delaney

In addition, students may also opt for the “make-your-own” option with any of the leafy bases plus any four toppings for the flat rate of $8, which includes a slice of rosemary focaccia bread. If they want to add in extra protein such as quinoa, chicken or tofu, the price jumps up one dollar and an additional one for bottled water.

The demand for the Gatsby–both the salad and the character–has surged since Hilltoss debuted itself at the 2014 Spring Farmer’s Market, an effect that store director Dana Mitchell attributes to the salad’s happy factor. With spinach as its base, this salad is tossed with walnuts, avocado, strawberries, sprinkled with goat cheese and topped with a blush-wine vinaigrette. The salad offers a cleansing palate that exemplifies Gatsby’s flashy sophistication. On Friday, The Hilltoss will be serving free samples of this popular salad at Spoon GU’s Food Fest, so don’t miss out!


Photo by Emma Delaney

“I think it just screams that I am going to treat myself today,” said Mitchell about the Jay Gatsby salad.

As they look to their future permanent home in the New South Student Center, Hilltoss is looking to incorporate more protein options for the salads, fresh smoothies made with yogurt and fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, and possibly even a panini machine.

Fortified with its student-serving-mentality, the team is highlighting customer service as their priority. For instance, after receiving feedback that their dressing amounts were not standardized, the whole store was retrained.

“Listening to the student voice and feedback is something we look forward to every single week. From here on out, it is all about the little tweaks, instead of huge overhauls,” said Mitchell.

Don’t forget to grab a fresh salad from The Hilltoss every Wednesday at the Farmer’s Market, and this Friday afternoon at the Spoon launch party grab your sample of the Jay Gatsby salad with a glass of The Hilltoss’ popular Daisy Buchanan drink.


Spoon GU Food Fest:
When: Friday, April 11th from 11am – 2pm
Where: Harbin Road (by the VCW steps)

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