Toronto’s Best Food Trucks

These trucks are worth tracking down when you’re in town

Buster’s Sea Cove’s lobster roll is one of the highlights of this truck’s menu.

As the trend grows, food trucks are increasingly becoming an essential culinary experience in many cities. Toronto’s food trucks are no exception.

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With a long-time reputation as a Canadian food capital, the city is home to nearly 30 different trucks, and according to some estimates, this is only the beginning.

Some of these trucks are extensions of a permanent location, while others only come in mobile form. A few trucks are open, rolling, and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, while some only offer dessert. With offerings ranging from fresh fish tacos to champagne buttercream cupcakes, chances are there’s an offering for every craving.

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We’ve listed our top five here, but be sure to check out the Toronto Food Truck website for up-to-date info about trucks and their locations. Feeling inspired? They even have a guide to help you start your own food truck in Toronto.