Torchy’s Taco Cannon to Shoot Off at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Bringing music and tacos together through artillery

Torchy’s Tacos, a popular Austin-based chain, has teamed up with Transmission Events, founders of the Fun Fun Fun music festival to bring tacos to the masses via a custom-built air cannon that is poised to rain tacos down on the masses. The Daily Texan reports that the cannon has been a pet project years in the making.

The 10-barrel cannon launches bandana-wrapped tacos and is powered by a car battery, which controls the bursts of pressurized carbon dioxide. With prime weather conditions, tacos can be shot up to 200 feet. Bandanas double as napkins. When the monstrous machine debuts on Friday, Nov. 2, it will do so firing a number of Torchy’s favorites, including chicken fajita, fried avocado, and green chile pork.

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