Top 5 Fay Da Bakery Picks


With locations near Washington Square Park and the Lafayette Residence Hall, Fay Da Bakery is a great place for NYU students to grab a treat before or after class. The prices are extremely reasonable and the quality and variety of baked goods is amazing. Just look for the green awning to satisfy your need for bubble tea and other Asian goodies.

1. Coconut cream bun – $1.10

Photo by Becky Hughes

This pastry is incredibly buttery, but not too intense. The bun is soft and the coconut on top kicks it all up a notch.

2. Chicken puff – 1.75

Photo by Becky Hughes

Best eaten warm, this dark, flaky pastry is filled with a smooth savory chicken filling.

3. Steamed egg custard bun – $1.00

Fay Da Bakery has a variety of fresh steamed buns, including the delicious red bean and roast pork, but something about the egg custard bun is alluring. The little yellow dot on top gives way to the sweet, slightly eggy custard filling.

4. Scallion and green pea twist – $1.10

Photo by Becky Hughes

Almost a foot long, this is a large, soft pastry.  The scallion and green pea work oddly well together, with the green pea adding a nice, light sweetness.

5. Japanese cheesecake – $1.95

Photo by Becky Hughes

Served in large triangles, this take on cheesecake is incredibly dense, but not overly heavy.

Photo by Becky Hughes

Locations: Multiple including – 191 Center St (bet Canal and Hester) or 321 W 6th Ave (at W 3rd)
Hours of Operation: Daily 7am to 8:30pm

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