Top 10 Hidden Gems in Vancouver

Don’t leave town without visiting these under-the-radar locations

Vancouver offers a plethora of diverse and unsung dining venues.

Vancouver is definitely a restaurant city. With so many different cultures to choose from (almost everything from authentic Italian to Vietnamese), there is always something new to try! While there are many great restaurants that make the top 10 lists in magazines or review sites, there are so many unsung restaurants that, for whatever reason, have been greatly overlooked.

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While they might not be the most upscale restaurants or frequented by lots of crowds, these establishments are just as noteworthy — and sometimes work twice as hard to get the recognition they deserve.

Walk the "less eaten" path today and discover a newfound love for different foods. At the very least, it will give you the bragging rights to a hidden gem you discovered on your recent trip to Vancouver. At the very best, you’ll have a unique, perhaps even unforgettable, dining experience.


Dee de los Santos moonlights as a PR lady by day and writes about her love of food on Gastrofork by night. She blogs about her experiences in Vancouver, around the world and braving her kitchen as she learns how to cook. To connect with her, follow her on twitter @gastrofork.