Colicchio, Chang, Lagasse, and More Chefs to Appear on 'Treme'

Eater brings us the preview to season 3, featuring a star-studded chef dinner

Food-based drama Treme returns Sept. 23 (with writer Anthony Bourdain on board, if you needed that refresher), and as expected, it's filled to the brim with star chef cameos.

In the series, lead character Janet (Kim Dickens) is being lured back to New Orleans, all while cooking for David Chang. So in this teaser for season three (thanks for the tip, Eater), the HBO crew brought out as many hot-shot names as possible. There's Tom Colicchio, Wylie Dufresne, Eric Ripert, David Chang, Jonathan Waxman, and Alfred Portale, all of whom are in the following chef dinner scene.

Grub Street also notes that Emeril Lagasse will make an appearance, saying it may mean a career in food television for Janet, which would be oh so very meta. The clip below, however, does have some fascinating insight to the cooking of the dinner, which called for 56 pounds of meat, pâté, et al. for some fancy plates (coulibiac of salmon and hare à la royale). Watch below.