Times James Franco Abused Food with Selfies: Too Many

James Franco: the creator of the food selfie?

But being the selfie king, he pulls it off.

He’s the selfie king, and he’s proud of it. For James Franco, who hardly goes two days without posting a photo of himself on Instagram, the selfie is a means of expressing who he is. Franco himself says it best: “…the selfie is the new way to look someone right in the eye and say, ‘Hello, this is me,’” the actor wrote in an article for the New York Times called “The Meanings of the Selfie.”

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Taking a closer look, we noticed a trend in Franco’s selfies — other than the fact that 98 percent of them are taken while lying in bed. We’re convinced that he invented the celebrity food selfie, which we define as a selfie that is taken by celebrities with one or more foods. Plenty of stars are guilty of the celebrity food selfie, from Taylor Swift innocently peering through a green doughnut to Usher, shirtless, frying an egg in his kitchen.

However, Franco takes it to a somewhat disturbing level... in his bed, in his car… okay, mostly in his bed. But being the selfie king, he pulls it off. It’s like he’s saying, “Hello, this is me. And this is the food I love too much.”


Sliced and all alone, that poor apple never stood a chance.

Photo Credit: Instagram/jamesfrancotv


Happy Birthday, James Franco. No, you don't eat the ribbon.

Photo Credit: Instagram/jamesfrancotv


Is that sandwich of age, James Franco?

Photo Credit: Instagram/jamesfrancotv


OMM NOM NOM… R is for rice cake and rice cake is for meee!

Photo Credit: Instagram/jamesfrancotv


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