Throw the Men in Your Life a Biergarten Bash

With Landbrot, a German Bakery in New York and enough beer to go around, these guys will be thrilled

Get the bash started with German imports from Landbrot.

We're pretty sure you've been to a biergarten before, whether it's the legitimate Germany biergarten or just one in your city. Well, if you have or hadn't had the pleasure, know this: it's a good time. 

With endless beers on tap from all over the world, classic German bratwurst, and soft pretzels that will make you forget your beloved street carts—you can't go wrong. 

Cue Landbrot Bakery, a New York City destination for all things German. The import has the pinache of a European bar, with the charm of a neighborhood bakery. Derived from the German word meaning "country bread," features a wide variety of traditional, fresh baked breads, pastries, and pretzels along with a hand-picked selection of German micro-brews.

If you love the idea of the German tradition, but want to host a beer bash fit with all the right fixings, you're in luck because Landbrot caters. Throw your party at home without the hassle of heading to the bakery. 

Now that the menu is taken care of, let's talk ambiance. We're thinking these fabulous beer tasting glasses and beer mugs from Red Envelope. If you really want to get the party started, we suggest this at-home keg dispenser from Williams-Sonoma.

When you're ready to get the party going, tap the keg, pour the beer, and start on that German feast, it will be a score for sure.