Thomas Keller Loves In-N-Out, Quiches

Plus, he explains how your roast chicken could be better

In a recent GQ article, The French Laundry’s Thomas Keller spills the beans on his favorite food film scene and his secret to good fries at In-N-Out. We’ve rounded up the best bits here.

On Roast Chicken: “Probably the one thing I see that happens with roast chicken more often than not is that we don't dry out our birds well enough.... You see in professional kitchens or butcher's shops where the skin becomes a little dark — it's that dryness you need.”

On In-N-Out’s Success: “In our society today, everyone is looking for what is the newest trend. In-N-Out has never been that guy.”

And On Ordering Their Fries: “You have to really order them well-done to get them crispy because with french fries, the technique is that you have to fry them twice.… Those are little nuances that you learn.”

On His Favorite Food Flick: “The scene in Goodfellas where they're all in jail making the pasta. One of the mobsters Paulie is slicing the garlic with a razor blade and he talks about how important it is to make it thin.”

On Real Men and Quiches (His Favorite Canapé): “Real men don't eat quiche, do they?”

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