15 Best Food Scenes in Movies

The most memorable food-related moments in film history

Willy Wonka

When it comes to the greatest food moments in film history, several iconic scenes come to mind. Meg Ryan's memorable fake orgasm in When Harry Met Sally. Stallone gulping down raw eggs in Rocky. Everybody references those Goodfellas scenes — you know, the ones where they cut garlic into paper-thin slices, and go to Joe Pesci's mother's house after killing Bill Bats. We all know the Animal House cafeteria scene and the Chez Paul scene in Blues Brothers. We're tired of Cool Hand Luke, and the scene in Alien where the creature bursts out. Even the opening sequence in The Godfather III is cliché. So, besides the obvious, what are the most outstanding food moments in cinema?

Lady and the Tramp sharing spaghetti? Diane Keaton hurling a lobster at Woody Allen in Annie Hall? Willy Wonka? Mystic Pizza? These are scenes worth noting. Forget the Weird Science laser-popped popcorn. Forget Chunk's Baby Ruth in Goonies. Let's not discuss Ghostbusters' Stay Puft marshmallow man, or E.T. and Reese's Pieces. Let's stick with unrecognized classics — the lunch scene in The Breakfast Club. The intro to The Big Lebowski. There's more good food beyond the scenes routinely noted on average sites.

So, which great cinematic food scenes made The Daily Meal's cut of the best ever? Look for your favorites. Think we missed one? Comment below or write us an email.


• The Big Lebowski — The opening scene features The Dude (Jeff Bridges) drinking milk from the carton in a grocery store while in his bathrobe, then paying for it by writing a check for 69 cents. Need we say more?










• Big — Between eating ears of baby corn kernel-by-kernel and his putrid reaction to tasting beluga caviar, Josh Baskin (played by Tom Hanks), certainly shows his true age in this scene.