Man Banned From Denmark After Stealing Soda

A man's been banned from Denmark for six years after being caught by police


A man has been barred from entering Denmark for six years after police apprehended him for stealing two sodas.

A man in Denmark was caught stealing two sodas from a convenience store recently, and now he’s reportedly being expelled from the country and banned from Denmark for six years.

According to The Local, Danish police specified that they do not normally bar people from the country for six years for something as petty as stealing a can of soda, but in this case the man was not actually supposed to be in Denmark at all.

The alleged perpetrator was a 28-year-old Romanian man who had been barred from the country for two years for a completely different crime. That two-year window had not yet passed, so he was not officially supposed to be in the country at all. Nobody knew he was illicitly in Denmark until he was caught stealing the sodas, at which point his punishment was increased for violating the first entry ban.

“[His sentence] will likely be 20 days in jail and a six-year entry ban,” a police spokesperson said.

Still, as The Local points out, nobody even knew he was in Denmark, and he would probably have gotten away with it if not for those pilfered sodas.

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