These Ideas Will Whisk You Away

Get crafty with these cool kitchen ideas
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You’ll never look at a whisk the same way again!

As technology advances, our kitchens evolve. Handheld egg beaters evolved into an electric version, knife chopping is simplified with the ease of a mandolin and simple tasks like stirring or whisking are taken over by our stand mixers. While those nifty tools are not yet completely obsolete, you probably have a ton of leftover utensils that you don’t regularly use. Instead of tossing them, upcycle them into a unique piece of art for your home or repurpose them for another area of your life.

Get started by making use of your old wire whisks to make everything from a coat hanger to cute candle holders. Here are three ideas we completely fell in love with:

Whisk Lamp

Light up the room literally and decoratively with this super industrial look. Just make sure you know a thing or two about electricity before you attempt.

Unique Votive
All you need is a hook, fishing line, a wire whisk and a votive for this super simple (but really creative) idea.

Cool Coat Rack

Re-shape some sturdier whisks into globes and attach them to a plank for a cool coat and hat rack.

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